Car Accident AttorneyThe South Carolina Highway Patrol is currently investigating a fatal car accident in Indian Land, where the police found a vehicle that had fallen between two bridges.

The details of the accident are still hazy. What is known is that the first emergency phone call was made at 11:27 a.m.the morning of the accident. The caller stated that they spotted an overturned vehicle in between the intersection of Charlotte Highway( also known as U.S. 521), and Waxhaw Road( or S.C. 75 to the locals.)

The exacts are still unknown, but it is believed that there was a driver and two passengers in the overturned vehicle. The only car to of been reported in the accident was the single, overturned one.

The car is a white 2009 Chevrolet Malibu, found next the the railroads tracks beneath the Charlotte Highway bridge and the Waxhaw Road bridge. The two bridges are right next to the new Lancaster Co. EMS Station on Walnut Creek.

It has not yet been discovered the exact cause of the accident; nor is it known how long the vehicle and the victims were in between the bridges.

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