my car 3A 43-year-old Fort Mill mother lost her life last week in a tragic car accident near mile marker 89 on Interstate 77.

According to the reports, the victim was driving her vehicle around 11:30 p.m., when she suddenly lost control of the vehicle and travelled up an embankment, smashing into a tree.

She was in the northbound lane and is reported to of not been wearing her seat belt. Thus, upon impact, the poor victim was ejected from the vehicle at the time of the accident with nothing to protect her and keep her stable.

There was little suffering, however, as the victim died on scene.

Prior to her move to York County, the victim grew up in Cary, NC, where she attended East Carolina University and last University of West Virginia for her Master’s degree in Sociology.

She was survived by her husband and two beautiful daughters. Moreover, she had a family in the York County School system, where she had been an active teacher there since 1996.

The family has released a statement saying that “Becoming a mother was a gift from God to [the victim] and was her greatest joy. Her love for them will be carried in their hearts throughout their lives.” The victim has touched the hearts of many people, and will be remembered always for her caring spirit and good deeds.

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