Whether on road trips or going to an area of town we are unfamiliar with, we use our G.P.S. In any case, paying attention to anything except the road is never safe. However, when it comes to navigating, sometimes it is a bit necessary. But what about for truck drivers? They need to navigate as well. But, it is slightly worrisome because it is distracted driving.

Distracted driving is never acceptable as it can cause a wreck. On the other hand, a fender bender differs greatly from an accident with a commercial truck.  Because commercial trucks are large and weigh more, getting into an accident with one can end in serious personal injury. Therefore, there might be a higher risk when drivers are using G.P.S. No matter the speed we are at, crashes can occur. You never know what condition other drivers might be under, so it’s important that you drive defensively at all times.

Commercial Truck Drivers and G.P.S.: Is it Dangerous?

No doubt, Global Positioning Systems (G.P.S.) remain a beneficial piece of technology for drivers. Instead of looking at a map or piece of paper with printed out directions, they make travelling more convenient. Instead of having to take your eyes off the road, or pull over to read a map, you can hear the directions and follow them from a device or cell phone. This makes the act of traveling a bit easier, more precise, and can cut down on time. However, this doesn’t mean that a G.P.S. can’t help cause an accident.

The danger for truckers

For many tractor trailer drivers, G.P.S is not supplied to them. Therefore, they are having to use their personal devices. For a passenger vehicle, these devices are all well and good. However, tractor trailers have a bit more to account for. Small back roads, low-hanging bridges, curvy highways… therefore, a specific device is more well-suited to them and can take this into account. Not to mention, a mount for the device that keeps it at eye-level. G.P.S. is necessary for most drivers, and many tractor trailer drivers are driving long distances. Therefore, G.P.S. is a given. However, when not properly mounted or accounting for the tractor trailer, it can be dangerous to drivers.

The danger for passenger vehicles

Ultimately, the largest danger for passenger vehicles is when the driver becomes distracted or ends up on a bad road. In turn, maybe an accident occurs, a truck gets stuck under a bridge, or the road is too narrow and they slip off. When it comes down to it, there are some hefty implications for tractor trailer drivers that might not affect you. But, will heavily affect them.

In any case, if we glance over and see a semi truck driver distracted, it is best we keep our distance. Although we want to arrive at our destination in a timely manner, it is better safe than sorry. It only takes seconds for a crash to happen. However, keeping our distance gives us more time to make a move if need be.