A 20-ear-old Sumter resident is currently being accused of setting a fire to the home he was living in, that resulted in the death of his grandparents.Criminal Defense Attorney

Authorities report that the grandchild was arrested this past Sunday, after a vicious car chase through the states of Kentucky and Ohio. Apparently the defendant had recently moved from Kentucky to live with his grandparents just a few weeks prior to the incident. There was a previous report initially filed when the defendant had allegedly attacked his elderly grandmother, yet no subsequent charges were filed.

The grandparents were in negotiations with other family members from Kentucky attempting to have the grandson sent back to that state and out of South Carolina.

Then, on Saturday night, firefighters responded to an emergency call reported a fire in the Sumter area. When the firefighters arrived shortly after, they found the bodies of the boys grandparents inside.

Both the 79-year-old grandmother and the 68-year-old grandfather were pronounced dead on the scene.

The boy is currently being charged with two counts of murder, and one count of arson.

No other details are currently available at this time.

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It wasn’t known if Manners had a lawyer or when he would appear in court