In the summer, one of my personal favorite pastimes is to grill out with friends. Doing so is a great way to get out, enjoy the weather, entertain friends, and cook some pretty delicious food while you’re at it. It seems like every Saturday, the smell of charcoal seeps into my mind and it’s time to invite friends over once more to make the most of the weekend. I’m sure you like do the same. But, the most important thing to remember about these Saturday escapades, is to engage in grill safety. That’s right, sun burns aren’t the only type of burn that becomes more likely during the warmer months. So, we’re providing you with a list of Do’s and Don’ts for your grill safety needs. That way, you can enjoy your Saturday, and avoid ending up at the doctors office with a nasty burn…

Grill Safety: Avoiding Burns at your Cookout


It’s important that, before you begin grilling, you clean your grill up a bit! Use that metal brush to scrub up those grates a bit, and wipe out the bottom. One of the main causes for a grill fire is old grease that ignites when you light up the grill. So, giving it a quick clean is highly advisable.

Keep your grill at a safe distance from your house! Ten feet at least is you safest bet. Watch for low branches, railings, piles of leaves, and your house. You want your grill to be in open air, as well as far away from the kids. Do your best to create a safe zone that the kids stay away from. Whether you mark that off, or just grill in a designated area— make it clear that flammables, kids, and drunk adults stay far away from theft grill.

Lastly, use long-handled tools for grilling! Look for tools that allow you a safe distance from the grill itself. Dripping grease can cause quite a flame. Not to mention, there might be an occasion where you open the grill and see flames. Being able to stand a bit further back, and also man the grill with a long set of tongs can be the difference between a nasty burn, or not.


The most important piece of grill safety you should mind is this: do not leave the propane valve open when you’re not cooking; doing so can lead to some pretty serious consequences. Especially if you open that lid with a flame in hand to start it up. The air around that grill is likely filling with flammable gas. And depending on how much open air is around the grill, a more closed off area can face some pretty serious consequences.

Which leads us to our next point, don’t grill in an enclosed space. Heat, smoke, gas, and particles from the grill can get trapped and cause a fire, or damage to whatever structure is close by.

Grill safety can be quite easy to follow as long as you know what you’re dealing with. Make smart choices! Make everyone aware of the hot grill, and set up a designated space that’s a no-go for all but the grill master. Being sure to do so, will keep everyone happy and safe for those upcoming burgers and dogs.