Yesterday afternoon was a busy one for common travellers of Interstate 85, where there were three separate car accidents; one consequently being deadly.

This particular Interstate is one of the major highway routes throughout the Southeastern Unites States and notorious for housing many car accidents or wrecks. Drivers from Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virgina are all privy to the use of this major highway. Due to the common use and frequency of its roadways, Interstate 85 unfortunately can be a dangerous one for drivers.

Kannapolis, N.C. reported these three separate accidents from the morning, til the afternoon. As stated above, one of the accidents resulted in a fatality, whereas the other two accidents are still being investigated.

It is always important to be vigilant of your surrounding when using any sort of roadways; however, in the event that one is travelling down a major highway, they must be even more cautious, as there are more people driving at precisely the same time.

My father used to always tell me, “It is not you that I am worried about driving, it is everyone else. You need to pretend that every other driver is a teenager with a permit. You owe them an extra duty of care, as they reciprocally owe you, so always be careful on the busy highways.”

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