Sadly, a man who had dedicated his life to the health and well-being of children has lost his life in a tragic All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV or 4-wheeler) accident.  He was an Indian Land Elementary physical education teacher, and he died early in October after suffering serious injuries in an ATV accident that occurred a few days prior to the man’s death.

The man was loved and honored by all of his students and colleagues, and was on his 17th year of teaching at the time of the incident. He was also the wrestling coach at the local high school, Indian Land High, where students remembered him as the first teacher in the building, and the last one to leave that afternoon.

The details of the accident are still a bit hazy; however, it was reported that the teacher had been riding his ATV through the back roads of Van Wyck where he lived, when he was thrown from the machine.

EMS workers reported that the teacher suffered a severe head injury at the time of the accident; something that is typical with ATV accidents, as there is no machinery around the body of the driver for extra protection.

By the time EMS arrived on scene after a neighbor phoned the local police department, the teacher had to be immediately taken by helicopter to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte for surgery.

Surgery was performed, but the accident was too severe and the trauma to the brain had already done its damage.

The beloved teacher was pronounced dead that Tuesday afternoon.There are no more details available to give rise to the source or cause of the accident. It is unclear why the teacher was thrown from the ATV, and how he was injured when he was.

When people think of personal injuries and serious accidents, typically, the first thought that crosses their minds is ” someone must of been involved in a car or motorcycle accident.” However, with technology increasing everyday, and new fun “toys” being released into the market, personal injuries due to some sort of unconventional machine seem to be ever increasing.

Specifically, since the release of All Terrain Vehicles ( also called ATVs or commonly “4-wheelers), people are becoming involved in multiple accidents due to this dangerous vehicles. To drive a 4-wheeler, the laws state in both North and South Carolina that one must first obtain a driver’s license. However, because of the ATV departure from a regular vehicle, more and more people are driving this equipment without the proper experience or safety precautions surrounding them for protection.

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