Two men were walking home one night from the store in Lancaster, SC at around 11:00 p.m. when they were struck from behind by a car.  Both of the men reported that they are thankful to be alive after the incident.

The driver sent both men flying into a nearby ditch where they were too injured to get up and check the license plate.  One of the men is hobbling on crutches, while the other man was left unconscious and seriously injured.

The two were rushed to the hospital and Lancaster Police report the hit-and-run driver is still on the loose. If the driver is apprehended, he may be liable for the men’s medical expenses and other expenses related to the accident.  If you are walking or driving on the road, you are at risk. We see it every day. Someone is going too fast, not paying attention to the road, or is on their cell phone texting. Others are impaired or otherwise unsafe to drive, whether from alcohol or drugs or some other condition. Sadly, you or your family member can be seriously injured or killed if you are on the road.

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