A local Lancaster Police Department Officer was injured earlier this month when he was involved in a “foot chase,” while chasing after a runaway defendant.

Accordingly, the defendant was hospitalized at Springs Memorial Hospital earlier this month. The Lancaster Police Department responded to a call from the hospital, informing them that the defendant had just shattered the Emergency Medical Services door and ran away.

Apparently, the man was detained by the LPD only minutes before his attempted escape. While the officers were on the way to the hospital to report to the call, one Deputy saw the 24-year-old defendant running along the side of the road.

One officer immediately sprung out of the patrol car and began to chase the defendant ” on foot.” The defendant ran behind a house, jumping a fence and ended up in a resident’s backyard. Incidentally, when the defendant jumped the fence, he landed in the resident’s bird bath and injured himself.

Despite the injury, he continued to run until the officer caught him and placed the defendant under arrest, handcuffs and all. The defendant was brought back to the Emergency Room and restrained there.

The defendant was later released from the hospital, and placed in the custody of the Lancaster Police Department.

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