A Fort Mill, SC man has been arrested after neighbors called the police regarding suspicious activity occurring outside of an abandoned house.  The man was charged with possession of the drug called bath salts when the police found a jar on the man containing the substance.  Police report that the man was not making much sense of what he was saying, and they suspected he was under the influence.

Not much is known about “bath salts”; however, they have been known to cause a high to those who use them.  The type of symptoms involved with the use of bath salts is headaches, heart palpitations, paranoia, and hallucinations among others.  Bath salts can be sniffed, smoked, ingested, and even injected.

Because not much is known about the drug, there is also not much known about how to criminalize the use of such a substance.  Therefore, if you or a family member has been charged with the use of bath salts or any other controlled substance, it is very important that you are adequately represented in order to determine how to classify such a charge.  For a consultation, call the law offices of Reeves, Aiken & Hightower, LLP at 803-548-4444, or toll-free at 877-374-4444.