Winthrop University police arrested a 20-year-old man after he sped down Cherry Road without a valid driver’s license.  He was thereafterrock hill 4 charged with damaging city property after the infuriated arrestee kicked out the window of the patrol car causing almost $500 worth of damage.  This occurred at around 7:00 p.m. in the evening.

The man, who could not locate insurance information, stated that he and his younger brother, who was with him were trying to get to Pineville.  The police also found that the car had a revoked tag and no insurance, as the older brother screamed loud profanities at his younger brother forcing him to crawl into the back of the van to dig for the information.

Police arrested the driver after the younger brother informed the police that there was a metal pole under the driver’s seat, along with a knife.  The Rock Hill police arrived and the driver began to bang his head against the police car, and eventually kicked the window out of the car while the officer was driving.

The kid was then took to the York County Detention Center by another Rock Hill police officer and he was issued a citation for damage to city property, speeding, improper vehicle license, operating an uninsured vehicle, public disorderly conduct and unlawfully carrying a weapon.

In times such as this, it is important to keep your cool.  If you become enraged such as the driver illustrated above, you will only act to enhance your charges.  Therefore, if you have been charged with a crime in the Rock Hill, South Carolina region, call the law offices of Reeves, Aiken & Hightower, LLP at 803-548-4444, or toll free at 877-374-5999.