On September 10, 2012 just one day prior to the anniversary of 9-1-1, a gathering and visitation was held in remembrance of a Marine who passed away this past Friday while serving his country. Private First Class Jonathon Crawford, age 19 was an avid Marine who had just graduated boot camp on Parris Island the morning of his horrific accident.The gathering and visitation took place at Amelia High School, where the flag was lowered to half-staff during the memorial service.

The details of the accidental death are still hazy, but it appears as though PFC Crawford was reported to of last been seen swimming about 40 yards from the beach, just south of the lighthouse. After losing sight of PFC, a family member made the dreaded 911 phone call. Apparently, the family decided to stay at the beach for the weekend after graduation, where PFC Crawford got caught up in a rip current and it swept him off his feet. According to Col. Neil Baxley at the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, “they were struggling to get on their feet and the young man was unable to regain his balance before the rip current pulled him out and pulled him under.” His body was found around 5:25 p.m.

His friends say that it was PFC Crawford’s dream to become a United States Marine. It is disheartening and earth shattering to lose someone. This young man was exceptional; he volunteered to serve his country only to lose his life the day he graduated from boot camp.

This drowning is currently still being investigated.

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