I’m sure you have heard many people say that they have either been involved, or know someone who has filed a personal injury suit.SC Personal Injury Attorney

What is important to note, however, is to know the ends and outs of what a filing a “personal injury” suit really means?

First and foremost, you need to make sure that the statute of limitations has not run on your claim yet. In other words, if it has been more than three years since your injury, then you are barred from bringing a personal injury claim in South Carolina.

Moreover, you need to understand that the laws have changed drastically and are ever-changing. What this means is that you need to contact a personal injury attorney who knows the laws, and knows how to make the laws work for you.

We have all heard our second cousin, or our Aunt say something along the lines as “When I got injured in a car accident 22 years ago, I got almost $200,000 dollars!” This is certainly not only the case.

South Carolina recognizes what is called “modified comparative negligence,” which means that if you are more at fault then the defendant, you will not be permitted to recover anything. However, let’s assume that you were 30% at fault, and the defendant was 70% at fault. This means you are eligible to recover for your losses and your personal injuries due to the accident, whether it is via car, motorcycle, or tractor-trailer.

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