A South Carolina resident and mother is currently within the confines of jail awaiting bond for the death of her 10-month old baby girl.

The 21- year-old mother was charged in late August with ” homicide by child abuse.” Accordingly, Deputies have reported that the mother/defendant left her daughter in the bathtub on the night of August 20th. The little girl lost all oxygen, and when the paramedics were called, they attempted to revive her. She was on life-support for a week before she passed away at the hospital.

York County Child Accident and Abuse Attorneys

A child’s life is the most precious thing this Nation has. Any time a child’s life is endangered, or even worse, taken, justice should be served. Statistically, 9 out of 10 times a child dies, it is within 1/4th a mile or less from the child’s home. Often times children make mistakes that they are too young to understand, but other times, it is the parent’s who have made the mistake.

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