If you are the brand new wife of a trucker, or your husband has decided that this is the proper career move for him— chances are, you have a few questions. No one ever said that this process would be a breeze, but once you adjust, it’s manageable and easy to make work. Being a trucker’s wife isn’t always easy when you’re first figuring it out. But, you’re each playing an important role in providing for your family, and with time— you’ll both be seasoned professionals. Following, we’re going to teach you a few tricks of the trade from those that have been in it for a while now.

Being a New Trucker’s Wife: Adjusting to the Lifestyle

Stay Busy

At first, it can be pretty tough to stay busy and occupied when your husband is on a  long haul— especially if you don’t have kids. Find ways to pass the time. Whether that be a new hobby, a second job, or spending extra time with family. When you’re adjusting to the changes, it can be pretty easy to feel lonely and doubt your situation. New hobbies are a great way to keep you from dwelling on the fact that they’re gone. Learn how to do something you’ve always wanted to do, or pick up a serving job to make some extra cash on the side. Whatever you choose— commit to it and go forth!

Don’t Take Their Absence Personally

If you can’t get in touch with him, or he’s absent when talking— try to be understanding. It is obviously quite okay to tell your spouse how you’re feeling. But, understand that he is working hard for the both of you. Together, you’ll have to create a system for managing the time. He has to get from point A to point B safely, and in a timely fashion. Set your times to talk after a drop off, or when he has a long stretch— you have to create these routines together. Make a nice dinner together when he gets home, plan something for the next day— after he gets to sleep in his own bed for once. Make the time you have together special, and don’t dwell on the hard days. They’re all part of it.

Trust Him, and Be Trustworthy

You and I both know it gets lonely on the open road, and at home. But, you ultimately have to trust each other. You could potentially be separated for weeks at a time, but that doesn’t mean that one or the other is acting on their loneliness. Being a new trucker’s wife is just as difficult, if not more difficult than being the trucker himself. But, it also stands as a test for you both. How strong is your marriage? How strong is your bond? Ultimately, the answers to these questions will emerge as you both navigate the changes. Trust is key, and it goes both ways.

If You’re Feeling Very Concerned, Ask to Do a Run with Him

If you don’t have kids yet, you might have the freedom to go on a run with him. It’s hard to understand what they’re going through, and what it’s like for a truck driver unless you’ve been there through it. So, I highly suggest getting out there and going on a run too. It doesn’t have to be a long one, just long enough to where you have a better grasp on what they’re doing. It’s all about peace of mind, understanding, and a strong marriage. We wish you luck as you figure it all out!