A study conducted by Canadian scientists at the University of Laval and published in the Journal of Transportation Safety & Security claims that morbidly obese drivers may be at increased risk of a crash due to weight-related health complications.  It has been known for while that the obese do not fare as well in car wrecks as smaller individuals simply because cars are not designed for larger bodies.  Airbags and other safety equipment are said to be designed to protect 163 pound men in event of car accidents.  Studies had shown that male obese individuals were more likely to suffer facial, spinal, head and upper chest injuries in a collision than those with BMIs below 30.

This new study however focuses on the increased likelihood of accidents in the obese population getting into car wrecks in the first place.  The study showed “that 800,000 drivers in the America with obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea were involved in illness-related car accidents in the year 2000, which supported their claims that obesity-related ailments also contribute to road hazards.”  These ailments affecting chiefly the obese increase rates of accidents and make car accidents more serious.

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