Police were forced to use a stun gun on an irate Rock Hill woman last Tuesday. The report states that the Rock Hill woman was grabbing at the officers and attempting to kick another person after her car was involved in a collision on Eden Terrace.

Officers were simply responding to a call in connection to a crash, when they found the 36-year-old woman walking toward the wrecked vehicles.  She was visibly irate and began shouting profanities at the officers as they approached the scene of the crash.  The officers told the woman that if she did not stop using profanities in public that she would be arrested, but their warnings were unavailing.  As she continued shouting profanities, officers placed the woman under arrest.  At that moment she grabbed one officer’s lapel and began to struggle.

The woman also attempted to kick one of the other victims of the crash during the struggle.  Police used a stun gun on the woman’s right side and placed her in handcuffs.  She was treated at Piedmont Medical Center before being taken into custody at the Rock Hill jail.

According to the Rock Hill Police report, the woman was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, public disorderly conduct and damage to city property.

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