A police chase ensued Wednesday afternoon after three enforcemenet agencies joined together to chased the unnamed individual. The chase ended with a collission in Columbia Park that afternoon.

The facts surrounding the case are as follows: an officer patrolling a neighborhood in connection with a pattern of recent car break-ins, attempted to initiate a traffic stop on a Jeep Cherokee when the suspect sped away.  It was during the chase that the suspect sideswiped another vehicle near Ginny Lane and US 378.

The car that was hit during the crash was damaged, but fortunately, no one was in the car at the time of the collision.  After crashing into the car, the suspect took off.

Police car chases are becoming more common and, with increasing speeds and recklessness, more dangerous to the public. Many police departments have adopted new rules for when their officers are permitted to continue chase and when they must break off pursuit. The risks of causing accidents like the one in this case are too great. In this instance, the car was simply parked. But who knows what could have happened if a family had been sitting in the vehicle.

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