Salisbury’s Fire Department have just released a statement in regards to the accident that claimed the life

Children Emergency Roomof a toddler early Thursday morning.

Accordingly, the firefighters report that there had been some sort of electrical issue with the victim’s portable fan that subsequently sparked an electrical fire that resulted in the fatality.

The Fire Chief stated that the Fire Department received a call from a local neighbor a little before 1:00 a.m. Thursday morning, stating that the flames were growing rapidly and engulfing the back and sides of the home.

The victims lived in a small, one-story home in a quiet neighborhood on Davis Street, that was sadly destroyed by the once small fire.

The neighbor reports that she saw two adults and two children escape the fire unscathed. However, the sense of security was quickly ruffled when the two-year-old boy did not come out of the home with the parents.

An officer quickly entered the home, through the front door where smoke and flames were everywhere. He managed to find his way to the back of the home into the child’s bedroom, where he found the toddler in his bed sleeping.

When he went to pick the child up and carry him to safety, he realized that the child was unresponsive.

In the officer’s heroic attempt, there was nothing more he could do to rescue the young boy.

The boy’s teenage sister was injured when she had to break a window and climb out to safety. The father and the officer were also injured and both later treated for smoke inhalation.

All the can be stated for certain is that the fire began in the parent’s bedroom, where they were using the portable fan to cool themselves as they rested.

The investigation of the fire still remains underway.

As we all know and appreciate, small children are the most vulnerable among us, and great care must be taken to protect their safety. Accidents can happen quickly if proper steps are not taken by those in charge of their welfare. Despite our best intentions, however, needless accidents still happen, and injuries will occur. Hopefully, the injuries will be minor.

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