As you get older, you have to start taking caution in areas you didn’t worry about before. For many elderly people, slipping and falling can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, you’re likely wondering what steps you can take to prevent elderly slips and falls, or at least lessen their severity in the event that they do happen. Recovering from injury becomes more and more difficult with age. So, let’s prevent them before they happen…

Steps to Prevent Elderly Slips and Falls: What can I do?

Regular exercise

One way to prevent elderly slips and falls, is by exercising regularly. As people get older, they tend to lose a good bit of muscle mass. Therefore, you become weaker and more susceptible to injury. So, by exercising, you can regain some of that strength, agility, and flexibility. All of these things can benefit you greatly in preventing injury in a number of ways, not just by slips and falls. Look into water aerobics, dancing, or other forms of light cardio.


Just like when you’re children, eating fruits, veggies, and lean proteins can help build strong bones. By maintaining a healthy, mindful diet, you help your bones to stay durable. You want to keep your body in the best shape possible, and that ultimately starts with a strong diet.

Wear Smart Shoes

Look into comfortable shoes with a rubber sole. It might even be worth considering a non-slip shoe, just to be safe. Having practical shoes can prevent slipping and falling. Furthermore, keep them tied! Taking a spill due to untied shoes is harmful, and also unnecessary. So, shop smart and keep them tied! Slippers or socks inside the home are typically more slippery and have a greater chance of resulting in a fall.

Consider Making Modification to Your Home, or Make a Move

As you get older, the functionality of your home becomes much more important. The bathroom and the stairs are two of the main areas of concern for taking a tumble. Consider placing non-slip rugs in the bathroom, or a railing on your stairs. Furthermore, your chances of slipping on carpet are much lower than hardwoods or laminate. Your house needs to be accommodating to your needs. Therefore, consider making modifications, or even moving if that is something you can financially make happen. Ultimately, you want to be comfortable and safe in your home. So, making a modifications might just be the perfect move for you.