The Rock Hill Police Department was entertained last Thursday night when two patrol men ensued in a chase with two defendants, after they ran a stop sign while in their vehicle.

According to the police reports, the search began Thursday night and went well into the early morning hours. The scuffle started when the police observed three men run a stCriminal Defense Attorneyop sign in their white Cadillac SUV. It was at that point that the officers tried to perform a routine traffic stop, the Cadillac sped away.

While running from the police, the defendants apparently crashed into a parked car, totalling their vehicle. They had to escape the car and began to flee on foot whilst the police were still after them. Only two of the men ran, and to the her man stayed behind and was subsequently detained.

Police were then forced to set up a perimeter with barriers to catch the fleeing defendants. This barrier extended all the way from heckle Boulevard to Crawford Road in Rock Hill. The police, still unable to find then men, then called in the K9 unit to finish the search. The dogs were able to pick up the men’s scent, but then lost track of the defendants after the wild goose chase.

The Rock Hill Police are still searching for these two men and would appreciate any help if you, or someone you know has details on the crime.

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