A man trying to repossess a car barely escaped with his life after a Rock Hill man fired a gun at him for coming onto his property, authorities stated.

The homeowner was arrested a week after the incident occurred.  Authorities with the York County Sheriff’s Office stated that the homeowner ran outside his home with a shotgun when the man was trying to repossess his car.  The homeowner warned the man twice to get off his property before discharging the shotgun behind the wrecker.  The homeowner then backed his truck up into the wrecker before speeding away.

One witness told authorities that he saw the incident and heard the gunshot and the homeowner threaten the repo man.  The homeowner’s wife said she heard her husband arguing with somebody but did not hear the gun discharge.  The man has been charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance and unlawful presentment of a firearm and unsafe discharge of a firearm.

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