A Rock Hill man was taken by helicopter to a hospital Tuesday night after two men wearing all black clothing knocked on his door and then shot him, stealing cash in the process.

Authorities responded to a call from 970 Eastwood Drive near Willowbrook Avenue in reference to a gunshots being heard.  When officers arrived, they found the man severely injured with a gunshot wound to his chest.

A woman was in the apartment with the man at the time of the incident with her two children.  After the man was shot, he was able to gain his composure and flee the scene to Princeton Road, where he ran into someone who called authorities.  The two robbers stole $300 from the apartment all while the woman was in the apartment with her two children.  A K-9 unit also found $60 near the apartment.

The woman and the children were not hurt by the suspects.  The man was taken to the Carolina Medical Center and seemed to be responding to questions and answers from authorities questioning him about the incident in the hospital.

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