istock-overturned SUVLast Friday in Rock Hill was filled with deadly crashes for all York County drivers.

At one point, there were four different areas in the County with residents and civilians dying from different traffic accidents in the Carolinas.

The Rock Hill Herald has just released that a man from Salisbury, age 48, and his female passenger from Rockwell, age 42, both were fatally wounded on Interstate -77 in York.

The man was driving a commercial tractor-trailer, when he must of dozed off at the wheel, causing the two ton vehicle to veer off the right side of the southbound land they were travelling in, just past S.C. 901 in York County.

The accident caused the Interstate to be barricaded off for essentially the rest of Friday afternoon. The big rig eventually found itself halfway in the street, and the other half stuck in a plot of 100 year old oak trees.

The York County Coroner was able to identify by the positions of the bodies, that the 48 year old man was in fact the driver, and the female was his girlfriend accompanying him on his drive to deliver products for the company he worked for.

They were sadly pronounced dead on scene by the time the EMTs arrived, due to the serious impact of the collision.

All too often over-correcting forces drivers into the path of oncoming vehicles or propels them off the other side of the road.  Many times, the over-correcting is a result of losing control of the vehicle due to distractions like texting while driving. Drivers should always remain vigilant about safety and pay attention while driving.

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