Monday was interesting for Clover High School students, when they witnessed two teens get into a fist fight in the hallway. According to the witnesses, both girls dropped their book bags and charged each other. Thereafter, the girls started swinging.

Teachers abruptly separated the two 15-year-olds while the school resource officer charged them with “assault and battery“, as well as a “disturbing schools charge.”

One of the girls reported to the officer that when she got out of her out of school suspension, she ran into the other girl. That is when the arguing began and what eventually turned into a fist fight. additionally, the officer learned that the other girl and her sister and reportedly planned to ” jump” the girl Friday afternoon.

This however, has not been the first incident to erupt between the girls. In fact,this was the second violent report between the two ladies within the past two weeks.

Subsequently, the officer notified the department of Juvenile Justice of the incident, and the “jumper” was taken to the county’s juvenile holding facility.

Sometimes high school can be tough. It can be exceptionally difficult when you fear the students you attend school with. Although there are numerous supervisors, teachers, and other employees that walk the hallways, students still find away to escape the view of “adults” when they want to break the rules. Not only is fighting on school grounds a violation of school rules, but it also violates the state of South Carolina’s criminal laws.

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