A pedestrian from Richland County was fatally wounded this past weekend when she was struck in her side by a vehicle just north of Columbia.IMG_0419

The accident took place around 9:00 p.m., near the intersection of U.S. 321 and Crane Church Road, as reported by the South Carolina Highway patrol team.

The Richland County Coroner has reported that the victim did not suffer immensely from her injuries for long, as she was pronounced dead at the local hospital upon arrival.

The Coroner was expected to release more information yesterday evening, after he got a chance to fully examine the body. As of right now, the only details being released is that the location and status of the victim.

There has yet to be any details discussed as to the cause of the accident; if there was any alcohol or other substance abuse involved; and if there are any charged being filed at this time.

Lance Cpl. Kelly of the Highway patrol has released the following statement in regards to the fatality: “”We are continuing to investigate and more details will be released when the initial investigation is finished. Until that time, our thoughts are with the vitcim’s family and loved ones.”

Sadly, pedestrian accidents are not as rare as one may hope. In fact, nearly 12 pedestrians are killed in a traffic-related accident every day in the United States.   It is the duty of all road users to share the road and be alert to what is happening around them.  Be smart when you are selecting your attire for a night jog; the lighter the clothing, the more likely you are to be seen by night drivers.

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