Everybody knows what they are supposed to do if they’ve been in a car wreck, but after an accident on the lake or river, you might find yourself asking “what do I do after a boating accident?”

The answer on water turns out to be not too different from the answer on land. If you are the operator of the boat you must:

  • Stop your vessel as soon as you can do so safely at the scene of the incident,
  • Assist anyone injured in the incident, unless doing so would endanger your vessel or your passengers,
  • Give in writing your name, address, vessel identification to anyone who was injured or had property damaged in the incident, and
  • Report the incident to the Department of Natural Resources, if the accident occurred in South Carolina.

Of course, the ramifications of the boating accident do not end at the scene.  If you were injured in a boating accident, it may very well be in your interest to seek the counsel of an experienced boating accident attorney to determine what you may be entitled to.  Boating accidents are a very serious matter, and just like the more common car accident, insurance companies are never eager to compensate accident victims.

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