Texting while driving in any vehicle is dangerous, to say the least. However, semi-truck texting and drive creates a greater danger on the road. The implication of their crashing is much more grave, therefore, their texting and driving can have a greater impact on the roadway. It’s not unusual for those who are driving long distances, and spending long periods of time on the road, to want to contact their families. Because of this, texting and driving can be quite tempting for truckers. However, finding an appropriate place and time to use your cell phone, is increasingly important for truckers…

Semi-Truck Texting and Driving: A Deadly Habit

Texting and driving remains the stigma for younger people. However, a majority of adults engage in the act from time to time. It doesn’t matter the vehicle, when you’re taking your eyes off the road, and hands off the wheel— bad things can happen. This just happens to increase tenfold when those eyes and hands are the director of a semi-truck. Commercial trucks take up more space, weigh more, and cause much more damage in a crash. Truck drivers are typically very safe drivers. But, in the event of a semi-truck texting and driving, they can create danger for everyone on the roadway.

Texting while driving is against the law, but that doesn’t mean people will stop.

Although against the law, many people will still text and drive until there is a system to stop it. You think you’re in control, you look down for one minute, and next thing you know, you’ve rear-ended a merging motorcycle. Texting and driving can be very tempting, especially on long-hauls. But, it’s important to understand the implication.

Combining a number of factors

Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the roadways. Long-haul trips, or even just working every day— it can get pretty monotonous and tiring. So, combine that fatigue with a cell phone, and the risk of accident becomes quite prevalent. In any case, texting and driving is extremely dangerous and can end in serious injury to yourself, or the person you hit. So, avoid it at all costs. If something is so important it must be handled or discussed right now, pull over. Your life, and the lives of others, are too valuable to be lost over a simple conversation.