Four men were arrested on drug charges after a joint investigation into a multi-county drug operation, according to the Union County Sheriff’s Office.  Detectives with the Union County Sheriff’s Office arrested three men in the county, charging them with trafficking controlled substances and felony conspiracy.  A fourth man was arrested in Moore County, deputies said.

Wednesday night, the Moore County Sheriff’s office contacted authorities in Union County after an undercover drug investigation there led to the arrest of a man from Union County.  Subsequently, Moore County officers provided Union County deputies with evidence of drug trafficking occurring at two residences from this arrest.  Authorities searched a home in Monroe Wednesday night, gathering information and seizing drug paraphernalia in the process. A similar search was conducted simultaneously on a residence in Marshville, where Sheriff’s Deputies took two men into custody and seized over one pound of crystal methamphetamine, $8,975 in cash, three handguns, and one rifle.

As the investigation continued to unfold overnight, officers were led to draw a search warrant for a third residence located north of Marshville, the report states.  Officers seized 745 lbs. of marijuana and four firearms at this residence and took one man into custody there as well.  If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug crime, cont act the law offices of Reeves, Aiken, and Hightower to consult with a criminal attorney about these charges.  We understand the hardship that accompanies any criminal case.  Our criminal attorneys know your rights and want to help you or someone you might know with his/her drug related charges in North or South Carolina.  We are licensed in both North Carolina and South Carolina, where you can contact us at 704-499-9000 or 877-374-5999 toll-free.