istock-HGN testEven the famous cannot escape the law. This holds true for one of the stars of the now famous “Myrtle Manor.”

This 21-year-olds had to learn the hard way that even fame can’t protect you from violating the law when they were both charged with DUIs over the weekend.

According to the local paper, this original reason the “starts” were pulled over was for a routine traffic stop. The driver was speeding at 62 m.p.h. in a 45 m.p.h. zone. The officer saw the speeding car and pulled the duo over.

When he reached the driver’s window, the smell of alcohol was effervescing from the vehicle. At that point, the officer asked the girl to step out of the vehicle, and saw an open container sticking out from under her driver seat.

The girl’s BAC level was at a .15, which is right at the boarder of what is considered a “extremely high BAC level.”  In South Carolina, an ignition interlock is only necessary if the defendant blows over a .16. In South Carolina, when you teeter on that line, the court may or may not require the ignition interlock. If she were in North Carolina, that BAC level would require her to have an ignition interlock installed in her vehicle.

In her case, she was not required to have an ignition interlock installed in her vehicle.

Anytime you are arrested for a DUI, the prudent decision is to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. The penalties associated with this charge can range anywhere from a license suspension, to monetary fines, ignition interlocks, or even jail time.

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