Basketball season is flush with excitement. From March Madness, to big wins, and celebrations with friends. During big games, and even small ones, fans find news ways to celebrate the win. But one method that is tried and true for fans, is court storming after a big win. While storming the court is a great way to join in with the madness, and to celebrate a big win, it can also produce injury…

court storming

Court Storming: Post-Game Celebration Injuries 

If you think about court storming, you might begin to realize how dangerous the concept is. You’re jumping off the bleachers, or over a dividing wall, and into a stampede of people. In the heat of the moment, people might not realize how their actions could be dangerous. Running quickly, jumping and celebrating, and not paying too much attention to your surroundings. Due to the fact that most people are acting in this same way, there are a few common injuries. 

Common Injuries: 

Pushing and shoving

One of the main actions that can cause injury, is pushing and shoving. During these exciting times, fans may push towards the court and ignore the people around them. When you aren’t paying attention to the people around you, you might contribute to their receiving an injury. The people around you might be elderly, children, unsuspecting, or even just smaller in build. While anyone that is court storming could face injury, there are some parties which are more susceptible. 

Stepping and kicking

Due to the quick movement of court storming, along with the pushing, there is the potential for someone to take a tumble. As thousands of fans rush towards the action, they might not look underneath their feet. Therefore, that little tumble can lead to some pretty serious injuries

Tempers flare

While everyone is excited about the exact same thing, tempers can still flare quite easily in a confined space filled with chaos. If you bump into the wrong person, or knock someone over, they might get angry and try to retaliate. Someone might throw a punch, or shove you as well. Then, before you know it, this moment of celebration can turn into one of catastrophe.

No doubt, court storming will always be a favorite winning tradition. But, it is important to realize that some of these celebrations can cause serious injuries. So, have fun. But, remember to be mindful of potential injuries or danger— no matter the situation.