Two people are injured after an accident involving a SUV and a CATS bus happened on Clanton Road Thursday morning.

The crash occurred around 7:30 a.m. on Clanton Road near Interstate 77 after a SUV and a CATS bus collided.

Emergency crews had to block a portion of the intersection while working the scene. According to MEDIC,  two people were injured in the accident.  One person suffered life-threatening injuries, while the other suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The bus had two passengers at the time of the wreck, but they were not injured.

The studies conducted in 2010 by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration reveal that Of the fatalities involving large vehicles, such as commercial trucks and busses, 76 percent were occupants of other vehicles, 10 percent were nonoccupants, and 14 percent were occupants of the large trucks.  It’s essential that drivers of these large vehicles share the road and other motorists stay visible to the drivers of large vehicles.  If you or someone you know is injured in a serious accident call the trusted Accident Attorneys of Reeves, Aiken, and Hightower at 704-499-9000 or 877-374-5999 toll-free.