There are plenty of different options when it comes to becoming a truck driver. You can do regional, national, long-haul, interstate, solo, or even team trucking. Team truck driving is a pretty great option, especially when you are doing a long-haul. You can get a bit more rest, and can schedule according to two drivers versus one. But what counts as team truck driving? And sure there are pro’s to it, but what are the cons?

Team Truck Driving: Pros and Cons of Teamwork Trucking

What is team truck driving?

Team truck driving simply means that two drivers are riding together, versus one driver handling the entire load. So, the drivers can take a longer schedule as a unit, and can take turns getting rest, and driving. Some companies allow this type of practice, and others do not. But, there is an undeniable appeal to the idea of sharing a long-haul and getting some extra sleep.

What are the advantages?

For one, driving alone can get quite lonely. Some prefer the time alone, but after a while it can get quite lonely. Having someone around can help you stay sane sometimes when the silence gets tough or you run out of CD’s.

I know we keep saying it, but man, is it worth saying. You get extra sleep! You don’t have to stop to rest, just swap off drivers. In doing so, there’s also the potential for more money making. Because you don’t have to stop to sleep, you’re cutting major time off of your route. There are a few companies that even offer financial incentives to those willing to work in a team because it improves productivity.

What are the disadvantages?

When you’re spending a long period of time with someone, there is always the potential for confrontation. You’re irritable, it’s early, and maybe the other guy is playing his music too loud. Or maybe, you just don’t see eye to eye on something and find yourselves arguing for hours on end. No matter the direction it takes, confrontation is an issue.

Also, while you won’t have to pull over to sleep— there is the potential for more stops because, well, there’s two of you. Two people who might want to shower, use the bathroom, get food, or stretch their legs. There is the potential for increased efficiency, but also decreased deficiency depending on how you two operate together.

Team truck driving can be great!

You can make more money, find a new friend, and be a bit more well rested than you would be otherwise. But, it’s important to try these things out before committing long term. Good partners are hard to come by, and it’s easy for everyone to feel like boss. So, take your time, and give this a shot! We wish you, and your teammate, luck!