A Tegay Cay man had been fooling hospital authorities for some time now.  According to a report, the man used five different names over a period of almost six years to obtain prescription pills from the Piedmont Medical Center.

Authorities stated that the man obtained the prescription pills by giving the hospital different false names, birthdates, and Social Security numbers to obtain the pills.  A nurse and hospital director also stated to police the man came to the hospital on Friday morning complaining of pain and asking for a prescription.  One of the nurses identified the man as having used a previous different name at the hospital.

Upon further investigation, the nurse found the man had been to the hospital before and he used different names to obtain controlled substances.  Apparently, the man realized police were coming to question him at the hospital as he attempted to eavesdrop a conversation between a nurse and police officer.  Authorities located the man in the hospital parking lot where he stated he went to grab his debit card.  Officers placed the man under arrest for attempting to obtain the prescription pills and for driving under suspended license as his license had been suspended at the time of arrest.

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