While everyone knows the dangers of drinking and driving, few appreciate the dangers of texting driving. However, statistics and studies confirm that texting driving may be as dangerous as “drunk driving.” So why do we still do it?

Texting Driving Dangers

While the dangers may seem obvious, many of us still do it. Because you are texting someone as you are driving, you are not paying attention to the road. And even if you glance up every few seconds, you are still a real danger. For example, you won’t have enough time to react if driving conditions change quickly. As a result, serious accidents occur, and people get hurt or killed. Rather than take chances, focus on driving and don’t let this happen to you.

texting drivingEven before the texting driving studies began, I saw first-hand accidents due to texting driving as a police officer. Fortunately, I never had to work an accident where someone was killed. However, I did see accidents where injury and damaged vehicles resulted. While everyone had an excuse, every accident was preventable if the driver had been paying attention. So unnecessary and sad.

Nearly everyone who admitted they had been texting would state they only looked away for a second. It was during that second of looking away that an accident happened. If you absolutely must send a message to someone it is better to pull over and send a quick message and then let the other person you are driving will get back to them shortly.  It is always better to play it safe than to end up in an accident that could result in serious injury or even death.

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