istock-crashThe Charleston Police Department is still under investigating an incident as to how an SUV found its way off of Johns Island Creek Road, into Penny Creek, killing three people.

The SUV had a 50-year-old male, a 38-year-old female, and the 35-year-old female owner of the SUV. The police do not know how or why the car crashed into the Creek, but they are assuming that alcohol or a substance of some sort may have had a role.

Troopers were alerted to the scene when the police received a call by a fisherman saying he felt his “line snagon something heavy that he thought maybe a car.” According to family members, the trio of best friends had left from a local marina that morning and had been missing until the police called.

There are still not enough details to conclusively determine what the cause of the accident was.

Even the owner’s dog was found in the back seat and sadly, also drowned in the accident.

A memorial for the three was set up at the site today, in honor of their friends found last night. They are all still confused and deeply saddened.

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