A Summerville, South Carolina woman has been charged with felony DUI after an accident that seriously injured three people.  Deputies say that the woman, who was driving a 2010 joe-sedan accidentChevrolet Suburban, crossed the center-line of the road into oncoming traffic and struck a Toyota head-on.  The driver of the Toyota had to be immediately airlifted to the local hospital.

Both the passenger and the accused woman were sent to a local hospital for treatment of injuries, and officers claimed to have smelled alcohol on the suspect.  It was further stated in the report that the woman was very “off balance” when she stood up; however, this may have been as a result of the accident.

In South Carolina, a Felony DUI brings with it serious penalties if the person is convicted.  A suspect may be sentenced to prison for up to 25 years, and those who have a prior record of DUI convictions can expect absolutely no leniency from prosecutors or the judge.

Another problem the Felony DUI suspect may be facing is civil damages as a result of the injuries sustained.  South Carolina abides by modified comparative fault with regard to personal injury/negligence claims.  This means that if a person is more than 50 percent at fault in a collision or other accident, they can be held liable for the damages sustained. Here, the woman will not only face DUI charges, but likely civil damages as well.

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