Two Rock Hill residents are now facing criminal charges after a shooting took place Saturday night in Fort Mill.

According to reports, the shooting occurred around 10:15 p.m. at an apartment complex near the Fort Mill Square Shopping Center, right at the corner of Highway 160 and Doby’s Bridge Road. The Fort Mill Police have reported that incident was triggered when the 23 year old Rock Hill resident went to the apartment complex to pick up his child. Shortly upon arrival, a man fired a handgun at the 23 year old multiple times while another resident was hiding in the apartment.

The victim states that a man was waiting in the doorway of the apartment for his arrival. When the victim got there, a 24 year old Rock Hill resident began to argue with the the man.

The man waiting then escalated the fight when he pulled the handgun out of his waistband. The 24 year ols subsequently chased the victim into the parking lot while waiving the handgun and yelling obscenities at the victim.

The victim says that he had to take cover in his sister’s apartment that was nearby, after the 24 year old shot at the victim numerous times. The shooter actually missed the victim, but instead his bullets hit a Ford Explorer two times in the parking lot.

 Both the victim and the shooter fled the scene when they heard the sound of the police arriving, as they led the cops down a 9-mile chase down Cherry Road, towards Heckle Blvd.

According to reports, the Rock Hill police were forced to use stop sticks on the road, in order to disable the vehicle that the shooter was driving. Subsequnelty, the shooter actually jumped out of the vehicle while in transit, and began to run on foot from the police.

 Reports drafted by the policeman state that the person hiding in the apartment then kicked in two doors and then began to physcially assualt the mother of his two children after the police were distracted by the chase. The police found the battered woman with blood in her nostrils and brusies around her eyes.

Moreover, the Fort Mill police found a .380 caliber Cobra gun along side Brickyard Road in the grass, where the intial chase began.

The charges issued to the shooter are as follows: attempted murder, possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm by a person convicted of  felony, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

The victim was charged with driving under suspension, failure to stop for blue lights( for “running from the patrol car”) and accessory after the fact to a felony.

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