No one gets in the car in the morning and says “I hope I get a ticket today”. Unfortunately, just because you don’t want a ticket, doesn’t mean you won’t get one. Mistakes happen and sometimes you’re in the perfect place for an officer to see your mistake. This is okay, as it happens to most of us at some point in our lives. If you’ve found yourself with a traffic court day that you’ve been subpoenaed to, here’s what you can expect…

Traffic Court Day: What to Expect

Going In…

Just getting in to most court houses is a big deal. Some will confiscate your phones if you attempt to bring them in. Others allow them. Since phones can be a distraction and a nuisance, it might be best to leave yours in the car or at home. Make sure you arrive on time on your scheduled traffic court day.

Also, remember that you will not be the only one in court. Since the procedures for traffic court are routine, they will happen very quickly and other cases are waiting as well. Usually, you will be sworn in as a group on traffic court day.

The State Vs. You

When it’s your turn on traffic court day, the clerk will call your name. Once you hear your name, go to the witness box or the table. Since some courts are a little smaller, sometimes there’s just a table for traffic court instead of a “box”. It’s less intimidating this way. Once you’re there, follow the requests of the judge and the officers. Answer politely and respectfully. Remember not to interrupt anyone and wait for your turn to speak.

Things to Remember

It’s always important to dress the part on traffic court day. This goes for any court, really. This shows respect for the court and the judge. It’s best to take time and prepare for the day. Bring all necessary documents or evidence, and have it ready. Also keep in mind that if the issuing officer fails to show up to court, it does not necessarily mean that there judge will dismiss your case. Additionally, officers are usually trusted by the courts, so it’s best to not bad mouth them within the courtroom.