A big story in the news is erupting as a South Carolina resident is currently beginning trial for a 2010 charge of homicide by gross child abuse.

 According to the reports, the defendant is being charged for a homicide that was committed in 2010, where his 2-year-old son was the victim of his father’s abuse. It has now been released in the Coroner’s report that the toddler’s ” cause of death,” was actually from a “blunt blow to the head.” In other words, the child was hit in the with an extremely hard object, that ended the child’s life. To make matters worse, after the father killed his child, he there the body in the trash, and then filled the trash with 400 pounds of concrete to cover his tracks.

Even more disgusting was the fact that the father and girlfriend then falsified a story to the police, stating that the child had fallen onto the water off of Charleston’s Battery in July of 2010. The police then searched for the body aimlessly until the girlfriend finally led them to the body that had been buried in a pile fo trash a concrete a month prior.

The girlfriend is cooperating with the prosecution, and her sentencing will begin after the defendant/father’s has come to a close. Jury was selected yesterday for the defendant’s trial.

More details will be released as the trial moves forward.