If you’re considering the trucking industry, you might have begun to do some research. Or, this might be where you start. In either case, you’re in good hands. But, it’s important that you begin to familiarize yourself with the field. So, we’ve prepared some fun facts, or statistics, that will help you learn a little more about the discipline. That way, no matter which route you take, you’ll know a bit more about it and whether or not the field is right for you.

Trucking Industry Fun Facts and Stats

The engine on a big rig is approximately six times the size of a passenger vehicle, with twice the horsepower. Which makes sense if you consider how big the vehicles really are. Also, while the average passenger vehicle engine typically lasts about 200,000 miles, a tractor trailer engine can typically last go for up to one million miles. 

75% of all American communities receive their goods and services solely from tractor trailers and truck drivers. So, if you think it’s a low impact job— you’re very wrong.

There are an estimated 400,000 commercial trucking companies within the U.S. There are also around 5 million commercial trucks on the roadways, which puts truck drivers at a pretty high demand when it comes to jobs. So, if you’re looking for an industry with job security, this one is pretty high up there.

Not to mention, wages are increasing

There’s a shortage of qualified drivers out there, which means that incentives grow. By incentives, I mean the wages. So, while it’s difficult to say what exactly you’ll be making, the average annual salary according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is around $39,500. Not too shabby.

Also, you might not realize it— but there are plenty of women in the field as well. When it comes to female drivers, there are an approximate 200,000 long-haul drivers out there on the roads. So, don’t let your gender limit you!

When it comes to U-turns, it’s best if a tractor trailer does not have to make them. On average, it takes about 55 feet for a tractor trailer to make a U-turn— your average passenger vehicle settles in around 30-35. This means that you should probably get yourself quite familiar with your route ahead of time.

Ultimately, the tractor trailer industry has some pretty great aspects

These fun facts really just scratch the surface when it comes to what you need to know as a driver. But, what you should take away from it is this: job security is high, the pay is pretty great, and it’s a diverse field— open to any and all. Plus, the need for drivers is never ending. So, if you’re job searching and this has come up on your list— give it a strong consideration. Your CDL is one test away, and you can be out on the open road in no time. We wish you luck in your job hunt!