There are few devices in a vehicle that serve no purpose, well, maybe those little coin slots in older vehicles. However, other than those small cosmetic devices, every aspect of your vehicle is meant to aid your driving in some way. One of those devices that we should pay particular attention to, is our turn signals. A turn signal tells other drivers what to expect of you and when to yield to you. Your blinkers are there to make the roadway function more clearly. So, it is of particular importance that commercial trucks use these religiously as well. Making a move with a commercial truck requires more time and space than a regular car. So, making it known to other vehicles that you are switching lanes, or turning at a light, can help them to better prepare for this and give you the appropriate amount of space.

Commercial Trucks: Turn Signals and Other Safety Moves

It’s hard to predict what other drivers might do on the roadway. So, ultimately, protecting yourself on the roadway just means doing your part. Signal, proper following distance, paying attention to what’s happening on the road ahead— doing these things as an individual, is really all you can do as a passenger vehicle driver. However, commercial drivers have a whole other set of responsibility on their hands.

For one, your vehicle can do a lot of damage if anything were to occur. And we understand that you can’t prepare for how many people drive when commercial trucks are around them. Many people, are just plain scared. Therefore, they tend to drive a little more erratically— from speeding around you, cutting you off, or just getting aggressive. Therefore, doing your part, just like anyone else doing theirs— is all you can do. Keeping your eyes on the roadway is extremely important.

Passenger Vehicle Drivers: Use Commercial Drivers as Your Guide!

Commercial trucks can be a great tool for you on the roadway!! So many people don’t realize it, but tractor trailer drivers are some of the best drivers on the road. They also have a bird’s eye view of what’s happening around all of you. You see them begin to slow down but aren’t witnessing a pile up? You can generally trust that they are. Traffic starting to stack and you see a truck merge from the far right lane into the middle? You might want to assume that the problem is in that lane. Using your turn signals is a top priority for every driver, especially commercial trucks. However, there

We can’t predict how other drivers might behave, but we can all do our part

You can give yourself more distance between vehicles; you also may pay attention to the flows of traffic— but we all know things just happen sometimes. This is why we mention turn signals in particular, along with other safety measures. You don’t know how other drivers might be thinking, but using a turn signal is a little look into that. It tells you what a driver’s intentions are. Therefore, it helps you prepare for what might have otherwise been a dangerous of erratic move. You have the ability on the roadway to be a smart and careful driver, and so does everyone else. But, at the end of the day, you only have control over you. So, do your part! And when others don’t do theirs, call us if you need us.