On Wednesday afternoon, a woman was seriously injured when a van flipped during an accident in York County. The accident took place on Interstate 77 going southbound, right past Highway 160 near Fort Mill, SC.

The victim was 56-year-old Elizabeth Houston, who was driving a brown colored Toyota van at the time of the accident. Ms. Houston was taken to a nearby York County hospital, but was found to have no serious life-threatening injuries.

There was no alcohol to be found in the incident. Luckily, Ms. Houston was wearing her seat belt at the time of the accident, which may have resulted in her injuries being so minimal.It does not seem completely clear the cause of the accident, but Ms. Houston was charged with improper lane change according to the accident report prepared by the police.

The accident did cause hours of ruckus however, as two of the four lanes of the highway were blocked, and onlookers traveling at a slower that normal speed caused major traffic congestion.


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