The trucking industry is vast, and the need for drivers is almost always present. But, the problem for most, is that the lifestyle can be pretty tough. When you’re a truck driver, you’re out on the road a decent portion of the time. You’re also working long hours, and always having to remain focused. For a lot of people, that might be a big adjustment and challenge. But, for veterans — it might be a pretty fantastic way to re-enter the work force. When you’re just leaving the military, it can be tough to fall right back into the swing of things. On top of that, you have to find a job that financially supports your livelihood. Because of this, trucking might just be a great fit for veterans— especially those without a family at home.

Veterans and Truck Driving: A Surprisingly Good Fit

Those in the military are some of America’s most disciplined men and women. They are hard-working, dedicated, passionate people who deserve to come out into the workforce and find a job that takes their skills, and applies them in a different light. And truck driving can be just that.

Your skills are transferable to other places, and more flexible

Being a truck driver allows you to work independently, but dictate your schedule a bit more than before. A lot of the companies that operate tractor trailers are extremely open and willing to hire veterans because of their specific skills and discipline. Also, a good few of them offer regional or local routes that allow for their drivers to make it home on the weekends. If you haven’t been home, especially for a long while— it’s likely you miss those close to you. So, in some cases, you can still spend a good amount of time at home catching up on that lost time.

You can make a pretty good amount of money

There is a lot of money making potential in truck driving. Depending on your routes, what you drive and carry, and the length of time you’re gone— the amount of money has a lot of variability. The potential for making good money is there, and could easily allow for you to live comfortably.

Most of the traits and skills, you already have

Mental stamina, leadership, dependability, teamwork, discipline. These are all traits you must have to further develop within the military. In turn, you have a leg up on the every day candidate. This makes veterans and ideal choice for many trucking companies. That’s why some G.I. Bill benefits will pay for trucking school. And some trucking companies will even allow veterans to skip portions of the testing. Overall, your skills and abilities are a great fit for this industry.