Anyone who has driven on the interstate before is familiar with the concept of a weigh station for tractor trailers. While truck weigh stations serve to make a safe road, not all commercial trucks are required to go through them. You might think that a weigh station doesn’t serve too much of a purpose, but in reality, they keep our roadways safer for a number of reasons. And, ultimately, if a truck that is required to go through it does not, it can be a pretty serious issue…

Weigh Stations: What’s Their Purpose?

Just as the name hints, weigh stations check a commercial truck’s weight to make sure it is not over the required maximum. If a truck weighs too much, it can become problematic for plenty of different reasons. Take for example, an overweight truck passing through a small bridge. All bridges are different, and can handle different amounts of weight. But, if that bridge is not equip to handle the weight of that overloaded truck, the bridge could potentially collapse. So, while a weigh station might seem unnecessary, or for truckers— a bit of a headache, those weigh stations serve a larger purpose.

Hoping for the best 

In any event, we cannot control whether or not a truck will perform the stop. So, if the officers at the weigh station do not catch on, it can mean serious hazard for the roadway. Ultimately, catastrophe will not occur every time someone skips a weigh station, but the potential is much higher than it would have been. At any rate, our safety relies on commercial trucks’ complying with the law and regulations.

Any good driver knows that more distance between vehicles means more safety. When a truck passes right by a weigh station, it doesn’t mean we should panic. Not all trucks have a requirement to pull through the weigh station. So, the key for maintaining your own safety is to maintain a safe following distance. Leave yourself room to react to what may come. You cannot control the actions of anyone but yourself. So, protect yourself by maintaining a safe following distance in case of emergency!