Police report that a Rock Hill, South Carolina woman fought with her child’s paternal grandmother, and thereafter bit the woman’s thumb and threw a cup of winecred05 at her.  The police were sent to Piedmont Medical Center’s emergency room, where they spoke with a 42-year-old woman who said that the argument between her and the 23-year-old woman escalated into a fight when she pushed the younger woman away.  However, with her hands so close to the younger woman’s face, the younger woman seized the opportunity to grab a thumb with her teeth.   Thereafter, the daughter threw a cup of wine at the grandmother.

According to the report, the grandmother went to the hospital because her thumb would not stop bleeding.  As the police prepared to arrest the alleged aggressor, dispatch notified them that the younger woman had arrived at the police station to file a complaint on the older woman.  One of the deputies took her report; however, she was still placed under arrest for assault.  She refused to go with the police because, as she claims, she called the police first; and when the police sergeant grabbed her arm to escort her to booking, she pulled away shouting profanities.

Police were eventually able to control her by placing her against the wall cuffing her.  She is being charged with third-degree assault and battery, and resisting arrest.  The assault charge was dropped after the victim called back two hours later stating that the assault happened in another location.  However, the resisting charge still stands.

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