Last Tuesday, there was an accident that caused traffic from West Charlotte to the South Carolina State line on Interstate-485 around 2:30 p.m.

According to the police report, a North Carolina DOT vehicle was involved in the accident, injuring a Shelby resident. The crew member was taken to the hospital shortly after the accident, which is currently still under investigation.

The accident caused the two left lanes to be shut down for almost 2 hours, causing horrific traffic from Mecklenburg to York County.

For residents of Fort Mill, Rock Hill, and Charlotte, accidents that occur on the state line border can affect travellers of both states. Interstates 85, 77, and 485 all extend to both North and South Carolina, causing traffic and heavy delays for everyone. Moreover, “onlookers” make matters worse when they slow their speed to observe the crash before them. This, in turn, can cause even more traffic or worse, an additional car accident.

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