In almost four months, two specific York County deputies have charged almSC DUI Attorneyost 40 people with DUIs int he state of South Carolina. That means that those two deputies average almost 5 DUIs a month, a piece.

As this firm has discussed before, in December of last year, York County created a DUI Enforcement Team to begin the statewide crackdown on drinking and driving. The whole reason of this teams being is to target drivers who consume alcohol and then drive a car, truck, or even motorcycle.

The Sheriff’s office has released statements saying that “ the initiatives have paid off and makes the county roads safer,” thus making the Enforcement team all worthwhile.

Moreover, in addition to the 39 DUI charges, the two deputies have issued nearly 500 traffic citations. These citations range from simple seat-belt violations to speeding coupled with reckless driving.

Accordingly, the new grant money for the DUI Enforcement Team helps pay for the deputies new patrol cars, salaries, and police equipment.

There were a total of 239 DUIs issued last year, and the sheriffi’s office has reported that this is a 61% increase in DUIs from the year before.

Of the 39 DUI charges given thus far, 33 of those people have gone to court and pled guilty to either drunk driving, or a mitigated lesser charge. Sadly, these 33 people went to court without the proper legal representation.

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