A 79-year-old man passed away Friday after a horrific motorcycle accident that occurred on March 17th of this year.

According to the Chief Investigator of the Greenwood County Coroner’s Office, the man died strictly as result to his craenginesh last month.

The man was in somewhat stable condition for a few days prior to his death. According to reports however,man’s recovery took a turn for the worst when there was hemorrhaging in his brain that was uncontrollable by the doctor’s on staff. It was this serious brain injury that was the ultimate result of the man’s death.

The details of the collision on St. Patrick’s day are clear however. The 79-year-old was riding his motorcycle south on S.C. 225 Bypass, when he collided with a 2002 Pontiac on the driver’s right hand side.

 The driver of the Pontiac was also travelling southbound on S.C. 225 Bypass when he  attempted to make

a left turn onto Front Line Road.It was at this time that the victim’s motorcycle hit the driver’s Pontiac.

Officials have stated that the 79-year-old was travelling on his motorcycle at a rapid speed under the conditions and tried to swerve to miss the Pontiac, but was unable to avoid the collision.

 The accident occurred on a sunny afternoon, around 4:25 p.m. It was also reported that the victim was not wearing a helmet at the time of the incident. Had he of been wearing one, the result may not have been as grim as it ultimately turned out to be.

The Highway Patrol states that the driver of the Pontiac was transported to Self Regional Medical Center for treatment to her serious injuries. The motorcycle driver had to be airlifted to Greenville Memorial Hospital, where he eventually passed away after a terrible struggle.

Motorcycle accidents are exponentially more dangerous then that of a regular car. The rationale is that when you are driving a car, you have more metal and protection between you and the collision. However, unlike a typical car, the only thing protecting a person driving a motorcycle from impact due to a collision is their own bodies.

That being said, it is pertinent that one driving a motorcycle exercises extra precautions when operating their vehicle. Wearing a helmet is key. If there is no protection between you and the possible impact, the best thing to do is use your brain and protect it. Thousands of people die every year from serious head or brain injuries due to motorcycle accidents whereas the result may have been different if their head had been protected.

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