Cargo shifting is a common cause of tractor trailer accident, but there was a dramatic illustration of that fact week before last.

The police investigation in a Rhode Island tractor trailer crash determined the semi crash was caused by improperly loading the cargo of bananas.  The box trailer had been loaded full of bananas by Chiquita, apparently improperly.  They were issued a citation for improper loading of cargo.

The truck driver apparently was driving completely safely, wasn’t speeding, and wasn’t, when out of no where, the cargo of bananas shifted in the trailer of the truck and caused the truck to crash into a gas main, injuring the driver and starting a fire that burnt down a historic building.

In cases cargo shifting, if the tractor trailer had injured an individual, that individual would have a good personal injury claim against whatever entity was responsible for loading the box trailer, but not the carrier and probably not the driver.

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